By Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chambers, and Delegates Frederick, Kiss, Nesbitt, Ashley, Adkins, Love, Facemyer, Walters, Mezzatesta, Smirl, Talbott, Cann, Preece, Anderson, Ball, Osborne, Yeager, Staton, Browning, Rowe, J. Martin, Michael, Compton, Hutchins, Doyle and Williams:
H. C. R. 11
--"Commending Dr. John Forbes Nash, Jr., native West Virginian, mathematician, Nobel Prize recipient, and naming a portion of U.S. Route 52 in his honor."
Whereas, Dr. Nash was born at Bluefield Sanitarium and raised at 1016 Highland Avenue and at 1405 Whitehorn Street in Bluefield, West Virginia, attending school in Bluefield, Mercer County, graduating from Bluefield High School in 1945; and
Whereas, As a sixteen year old student at Bluefield High School and Bluefield College, working with his father, John F. Nash, Sr., chief division engineer for Appalachian Electric Power in Bluefield, he developed the formula for calculating catenary curves for the construction of power lines that continues to be used by power companies to install distribution cables between towers to deliver safe, dependable electricity to people of southern West Virginia, as well as to people throughout the United States and the world; and
Whereas, In 1950, as a doctoral candidate at Princeton University, he developed a formula known as the "Nash Equilibrium" that has become a vital part of "Games Theory," which is used by economists, and military strategists worldwide and earned him the Nobel Prize; and
Whereas, His continuing work in mathematics has made an impact in that field of study that will be felt by generations yet to come, and will ultimately benefit not only West Virginians, but all mankind; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That congratulations are given to Dr. John Nash, Jr., upon his achievement of winning the Nobel Prize; and, be it
Further Resolved, That Highway U.S. Route 52 beginning at the intersection of the I-77 Tunnel in Mercer County proceeding West into the Intersection of Route 460, be named the John F. Nash Boulevard; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates send a copy of this resolution to Dr. John Forbes Nash, Jr., with the best wishes of the State Legislature.