H. C. R. 39

By Delegate Collins:
H. C. R. 39,
"Recognizing the achievements and contributions of Frank 'Shank' Pregley and naming the Blackwater River Neutralization Project the "Frank 'Shank' Pregley River Neutralization Project."
Whereas, Frank Leonard "Shank" Pregley was born April 29, 1937, in Pierce, West Virginia, and died February 12, 1995. He was the son of Eileen Virginia Sampson and the late Louie Sylvester Pregley and the step-son of the late Emory Martin. Frank was happily married to Nancy Jo Snyder Pregley, and he had two children: Frederick Pregley and Dana Rutkowski; and
Whereas, Frank 'Shank' Pregley was a member of the Tucker County Trappers Association, the National Rifle Association and the Mountain Top Hunting Club. Frank was an avid sportsman, happiest while he was in the woods, whether he was hunting, fishing, trapping or just walking; and
Whereas, As an avid environmentalist, he was always trying to find ways to clean up the woods and rivers that he frequented. In 1990, Frank's main goal became to clean up Beaver Creek and the Blackwater River of the mine acid drainage that was killing fish and other aquatic life. With his determination, the Blackwater River Neutralization Project became a reality, with the installation of a six-drum limestone treatment station located just

above the entrance of Beaver Creek into the Blackwater River. These limestone drums were designed to combat the water quality of the Blackwater River from Davis through a portion of the Blackwater Canyon; and
Whereas, Frank 'Shank' Pregley touched the lives of many people, instilling in the minds of young and old alike his love and knowledge of the wilderness; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the six-drum limestone treatment station located in the Blackwater River be named the "Frank 'Shank' Pregley River Neutralization Project"; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the family of Frank Pregley.