HR27 ORG 3/7

(By Delegate Prezioso)

March 7, 1995

Honoring and commemorating the accomplishments of an award winning young West Virginian, Christopher A. Davis of Harrison County.

Whereas, Christopher A. Davis, 23, a Fairmont State College senior, was named captain of the USA Today's sixth annual All-USA College Academic First Team and was profiled in the January 16, 1995 edition of USA Today.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis was named to the team for his outstanding scholarship, intellectual achievement, and leadership and was honored by USA Today in Arlington, Virginia with a $2,500 prize.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis was one of twenty students selected by a panel of judges from 1,400 nominees representing 558 colleges from fifty states and the District of Columbia.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis, a senior at Fairmont State College majoring in sociology/human services has earned a 3.61 cumulative grade point average and plans to attend law school pursuing a career as a civil rights attorney.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis is very active extracurricularly in organizations such as the Disabled Student Society, which he co- founded, student publications, student government, and campus advisory boards. He is actively involved with Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), American Humanics, social science honorarium and political science honorary. He holds many academic and leadership awards from both Fairmont State College and his former institution, Salem-Teikyo University.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis, three years ago, while working in the private sector, suffered a permanent disability when he was seriously injured on the job, nearly severing his spinal cord in three places. A quadriplegic for two months, he began intensive rehabilitation which ultimately enabled him to regain use of his arms. Confined to a wheelchair for nine months, Christopher today is able to walk with the use of forearm crutches.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis reentered higher education, where, as a non-traditional and newly handicapped student, he pursued the college experience with a newfound zeal, both academically and extracurricularly.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis participated in the Frasure- Singleton Legislative Program with the West Virginia Senate in 1993 and was selected as a Judith A. Herndon Legislative Fellow with the West Virginia House of Delegates in 1994 and assigned to the House Education Committee where he played a major role in the developmentand passage of House Concurrent Resolution 501, a bill which increased higher education's role in providing services to students with disabilities.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis continued his internship with the office of Secretary of Education and the Arts, serving with distinction, and conducted the campus by campus study required in House Concurrent Resolution 501.
Whereas, Christopher A. Davis was presented the Distinguished West Virginian Award by Governor Gaston Caperton in recognition of his outstanding achievements and the great honor of being the first West Virginian to be selected to the USA Today's All-USA Academic First Team and bringing recognition to West Virginia, its higher education system, Fairmont State College, our public school system, in addition to the personal recognition; therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Delegates:
That the members of this body do hereby express their deepest pride and appreciation for the dedication and accomplishments of this outstanding young West Virginian and wish him continued success in his future endeavors; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates transmit copies of this resolution to Christopher A. Davis and his family.