(By Delegates Smirl, Warner, Given, Everson,

Osborne, Amores and Jenkins)

Directing the Committee on Special Investigations to investigate the system of justice that allowed Karen Sue Nuzum to be defrauded out of her inheritance.
Whereas, Many members of the Legislature have become aware of the terribly unjust treatment afforded Mrs. Karen Sue Nuzum years ago when she unjustly lost her inheritance property through the fraudulent practices of her deceased husband; and
Whereas, In 1990, Legislators showed their concern for her situation when twenty state senators cosponsored Senate Concurrent Resolution forty asking the Joint Committee to look into the facts involved, and again in 1991, when twenty-eight delegates cosponsored House Concurrent Resolution eight which essentially made the same request; and
Whereas, In March of 1992, House Bill 4112 was passed and became law which dealt with proper spousal notice prior to conveying property, assuring that future surviving spouses would be protected, but doing nothing for Mrs. Nuzum's situation; and
Whereas, Recent efforts have been made by many members of the Legislature to provide a remedy, including asking the Supreme Court Administrative Director if the Legislature could request the Supreme Court to reconsider their decision not to review Mrs. Nuzum's case, but nothing has been successful; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the Committee on Special Investigations is hereby directed to investigate the facts of this case, to make a determination as to whether our system of justice properly served Mrs. Nuzum and to recommend any action we may take as a legislative body to help accomplish a final and successful conclusion of this situation for Mrs. Nuzum.
Further Resolved, That the House Clerk send a copy of this resolution to the Committee on Special Investigations.