By Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chambers, and Delegate Dale Manuel, et al:
H. C. R. 22
--"Designating March 29 as the annual Non- Traditional Students of West Virginia Higher Education Day."
Whereas, The State of West Virginia supports the higher education, both under-graduate and post-graduate, of its citizens and encourages that all of its citizens seek a higher education; and
Whereas, In the State of West Virginia there are eighteen institutions for the purpose of providing a higher education, and in which are enrolled a group of students who are seeking higher education which will enrich their lives and the State of West Virginia; and
Whereas, Twenty-eight thousand of the students who are currently enrolled in higher education institutions in the State of West Virginia are classified as Non-Traditional Students; and
Whereas, A Non-Traditional Student is classified as a student, who is enrolled in a higher education institution, who is twenty- six years of age or older; and
Whereas, These students are balancing their educational requirements, for receiving a degree or receiving training that will enhance their employment potential; a family, in which the student may or may not be a single parent, a single person or a married person with or without children, or may be responsible for helping with their elderly parent(s); and work obligations, which may include full-time employment to help meet their financialobligations; to reach their goal of attaining a higher education; and
Whereas, These Non-Traditional Students are dedicated and make sacrifices for the purpose of realizing their goals of achieving a higher education and due to their endeavors are an asset to the State of West Virginia; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That March 29 be designated the annual Non-Traditional Students of West Virginia Higher Education Day for the purpose of increasing public awareness of and showing appreciation for these important citizens of West Virginia, who are currently or were previously Non-Traditional Students.