HCR26 Names

By Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chambers, and Delegates Fleishauer, McGraw, Stalnaker, Clements. Border, Azinger, Whitman, Amores, Douglas, Kiss, Farris, Beach, Yeager, Manual, Preece, Thomas, Gallagher, Hubbard, Beane, Riggs, Miller, Kominar, Smirl, Johnson, Staton, Willison, Thompson, Michael, Pulliam, Burke, Leach, Kelley, Walters, G. Martin, J. Martin, Trump, Givens, Anderson, Ashely, Fragale, Evans, Ball, Calvert, Petersen, Seacrist, Ennis, Kime, Greear, Collins, Jenkins, Varner, Compton, Kuhn, Given, Stewart, Sprouse, Hunt, Hutchins, Doyle, Williams, Faircloth, Rowe, Linch, Osborne, Talbott, Hall, Facemyer, Proudfoot and Tillis