Senate Bill No. 320

(By Senators Whitlow, Helmick, Ross, Miller and Anderson)


[Originating in the Committee on Finance;

reported February 27, 1996.]


A BILL to amend and reenact section three, article two-c, chapter nineteen of the code of West Virginia, one thousand nine hundred thirty-one, as amended, relating to the licensure of auctioneers; fees; required bond; creation of special revenue fund for administration and enforcement and continuing education; licensure renewals; service of process; and depositing auctioneer application fees to the department of agriculture.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That section three, article two-c, chapter nineteen of the code of West Virginia, one thousand nine hundred thirty-one, as amended, be amended and reenacted to read as follows:

§19-2C-3. Procedure for license; department of agriculture as statutory agent for licensees; fee.

Any person who wishes to conduct an auction as an auctioneer may apply for a license on forms prescribed by the commissioner and containing such information as the commissioner may require by a legislative rule promulgated in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code or regulation require. A nonreturnable application fee of fifty dollars shall accompany each application as well as a license fee of fifty dollars. All fees collected under this article shall be paid into the general a special revenue fund in the state treasury to be used by the department of agriculture for the expressed purpose of administering and enforcing this article and for providing continuing education for auctioneers.
In addition to the payment of fees, an applicant shall file with his or her application a bond as required in section four of this article.
The commissioner shall, within thirty days after the receipt of an application, notify the applicant of his or her eligibility to be examined at the next regularly scheduled examination, as well as the date of such the examination.
In the event the license is denied, the applicant shall be refunded the commissioner shall refund the license fee submitted with the application to the applicant.
Licenses issued shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of each year but shall be are renewable upon the payment of the annual license fee within sixty days of the expiration date. Provided, That licenses issued for fiscal year one thousand nine hundred ninety-one will be extended, at no additional fee, through the thirty-first day of December, one thousand nine hundred ninety-one. Renewals received more than sixty days after the expiration date are subject to a late renewal fee of twenty-five dollars in addition to the annual renewal fee. The commissioner shall not renew licenses which have been expired for more than two years will not be renewed and the auctioneer or apprentice auctioneer will be required to shall take the written and oral examination and to pay the examination fee in order to renew his or her license. No renewal will be made The commissioner shall not renew a license unless the applicant complies with the other requirements of this article are complied with.
Should Where an auctioneer or apprentice auctioneer requires a duplicate or replacement license or a license reflecting a change in information be required, the auctioneer or apprentice auctioneer must shall submit with such request a fee of five dollars with the request.
The state department of agriculture is the agent for the purpose of service of process on any licensed auctioneer for any action occasioned by the performance of the duties of such the auctioneer. Every licensed auctioneer, by virtue of his or her application for a license, shall be considered to have consented to such the statutory agency.