Senate Bill No. 543

(By Senators Wagner, Wooton, Bailey and Chafin)


[Introduced February 19, 1996; referred to the
Committee on Government Organization.]


A BILL to establish a three-district economic council for the Sandy river district in McDowell county, the Huff district in Wyoming county and the Stafford district in Mingo county; providing the council with power to determine the economic and infrastructure needs of the districts and determine and implement remedies thereto; providing for a governing board of three members; providing for appointment of representatives to the board; and providing for the funding of the council.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
§1. Economic council for Sandy River, Huff and Stafford districts created; functions.

There is hereby created a three-district economic development council, consisting of the districts of Sandy river in McDowell county, Huff in Wyoming county and Stafford in Mingo county, which shall determine the economic and infrastructure needs of the districts and determine and implement remedies thereto.
§2. Board of directors; appointment; terms; removal; compensation.
The management and control of the council, its property, operations, business and affairs is lodged in a board of directors, consisting of three members. The county commission of each county shall appoint a member to the board to represent the county. The board is not authorized to act until each member has been appointed.
Members shall serve three-year terms, except that the initial terms shall be staggered so that one member serves for one year, one member serves for two years and one member serves for three years. Members may be reappointed to additional terms. Members shall continue to serve until a successor has been appointed. No member may receive compensation for service as a board member.
§3. Funding.
The council is authorized to receive funds from private sources and may disburse the funds as it deems necessary to carry out the duties of the council.
§4. Powers.
Except as otherwise specially provided in this act, the authority has the powers and duties which are conferred and imposed, respectively, upon county or municipal development authorities by sections seven, seven-a, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen, article twelve, chapter seven of the code of West Virginia, as amended.
In addition to the powers referred to above, the council has the power to maintain an office or offices as it deems necessary to carry out its responsibilities and to staff and equip the office or offices, which may include hiring an executive director.