(By Senators Tomblin, Mr. President, Anderson, Bailey, Blatnik,

Boley, Bowman, Buckalew, Chafin, Craigo, Deem, Dittmar,

Dugan, Grubb, Helmick, Jackson, Kimble, Love, Macnaughtan,

Manchin, Miller, Minear, Oliverio, Plymale, Ross, Schoonover,

Scott, Sharpe, Wagner, Walker, White, Whitlow,

Wiedebusch, Wooton and Yoder)

Recognizing the public service of the Honorable Gaston Caperton, thirty-first governor of state of West Virginia and distinguished West Virginian.

Whereas, The Honorable Gaston Caperton was born February 21, 1940, the son of the late William Gaston Caperton and Eliza (Ambler) Caperton, of Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia; and
Whereas, The public service of the Honorable Gaston Caperton began with his election as West Virginia's thirty-first governor in 1989; and
Whereas, During his first term as West Virginia's thirty-first governor, the Honorable Gaston Caperton took office with state government on the verge of bankruptcy. He promptly introduced reforms and revenue measures to the Legislature to remedy the fiscal difficulties in order to solve the fiscal crisis; and
Whereas, Also during his first term as governor, the Honorable Gaston Caperton reorganized West Virginia's governmental agencies by restructuring one hundred thirty-one agencies into seven major departments. He also gained passage of one of the toughest governmental ethics laws in the nation. His INSPIRE program has created a more effective and efficient government to meet the needs of West Virginia's citizens; and
Whereas, Under the outstanding leadership of the Honorable Gaston Caperton, West Virginia is now recognized as a national leader in education. During his terms in office, sixty-one new schools will be built and seven hundred eighty schools will be renovated, all to benefit more than two thirds of West Virginia's students. Also, under his leadership, the salaries of West Virginia's educators have risen from forty-ninth to thirty-first in the nation, and the training of more than sixteen thousand educators through a statewide center for professional development has been a success. Additionally, under his leadership, his ten- year commitment to place computers in every classroom has been a success with sixteen thousand computers already installed; and
Whereas, The care, concern and compassion of the Honorable Gaston Caperton for the health and well being of his fellow West Virginians is evidenced by a myriad of accomplishments, including the offering of accessible and affordable health care to every West Virginian. His Rural Health Initiative Act is a model for rural areas in the nation. His struggle for employment in West Virginia has led to the creation of seventy-five thousand new jobs in West Virginia since 1989, and his public-private sector partnership for economic development has had a direct impact on the entire state of West Virginia; and
Whereas, The Honorable Gaston Caperton has brought bold and innovative ideas to West Virginia's state government. His ability to promote his agenda for a brighter, better West Virginia, together with his ability to persuade and compromise his legislative packages has truly helped bring West Virginia into the twenty-first century; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate:
That the Senate hereby extends its sincere appreciation to the Honorable Gaston Caperton for the dedication, compassion, commitment and leadership he has provided to the citizens of West Virginia during his two terms as West Virginia's thirty-first chief executive and wishes him well in any future endeavors he may choose to undertake as he prepares to bring to a close his eight years of dedicated public service; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the Honorable Gaston Caperton, thirty- first governor of the state of West Virginia.