H. B. 2586

(By Delegates Cann, Williams and Coleman)
[Introduced January 14, 1998; referred to the
Committee on Education then Finance.]

A BILL to amend and reenact section eight-a, article four, chapter eighteen-a of the code of West Virginia, one thousand nine hundred thirty-one, as amended, relating to providing a one-step pay increase for bus operators with fifteen or more years of service.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That section eight-a, article four, chapter eighteen-a of the code of West Virginia, one thousand nine hundred thirty-one, as amended, be amended and reenacted to read as follows:

§18A-4-8a. Service personnel minimum monthly salaries.

Years of
ment AB C D E F
0 1,040.00 1,060.00 1,100.00 1,150.00 1,200.00 1,260.00
1 1,066.00 1,086.00 1,126.00 1,176.00 1,226.00 1,286.00
2 1,092.00 1,112.00 1,152.00 1,202.00 1,252.00 1,312.00
3 1,118.00 1,138.00 1,178.00 1,228.00 1,278.00 1,338.00
4 1,144.00 1,164.00 1,204.00 1,254.00 1,304.00 1,364.00
5 1,170.00 1,190.00 1,230.00 1,280.00 1,330.00 1,390.00
6 1,196.00 1,216.00 1,256.00 1,306.00 1,356.00 1,416.00
7 1,222.00 1,242.00 1,282.00 1,332.00 1,382.00 1,442.00
8 1,248.00 1,268.00 1,308.00 1,358.00 1,408.00 1,468.00
9 1,274.00 1,294.00 1,334.00 1,384.00 1,434.00 1,494.00
10 1,300.00 1,320.00 1,360.00 1,410.00 1,460.00 1,520.00
11 1,326.00 1,346.00 1,386.00 1,436.00 1,486.00 1,546.00
12 1,352.00 1,372.00 1,412.00 1,462.00 1,512.00 1,572.00
13 1,378.00 1,398.00 1,438.00 1,488.00 1,538.00 1,598.00
14 1,404.00 1,424.00 1,464.00 1,514.00 1,564.00 1,624.00
15 1,430.00 1,450.00 1,490.00 1,540.00 1,590.00 1,650.00
16 1,456.00 1,476.00 1,516.00 1,566.00 1,616.00 1,676.00
17 1,482.00 1,502.00 1,542.00 1,592.00 1,642.00 1,702.00
18 1,508.00 1,528.00 1,568.00 1,618.00 1,668.00 1,728.00
19 1,534.00 1,554.00 1,594.00 1,644.00 1,694.00 1,754.00
20 1,560.00 1,580.00 1,620.00 1,670.00 1,720.00 1,780.00
21 1,586.00 1,606.00 1,646.00 1,696.00 1,746.00 1,806.00
22 1,612.00 1,632.00 1,672.00 1,722.00 1,772.00 1,832.00
23 1,638.00 1,658.00 1,698.00 1,748.00 1,798.00 1,858.00
24 1,664.00 1,684.00 1,724.00 1,774.00 1,824.00 1,884.00
25 1,690.00 1,710.00 1,750.00 1,800.00 1,850.00 1,910.00
26 1,716.00 1,736.00 1,776.00 1,826.00 1,876.00 1,936.00
27 1,742.00 1,762.00 1,802.00 1,852.00 1,902.00 1,962.00
28 1,768.00 1,788.00 1,828.00 1,878.00 1,928.00 1,988.00
29 1,794.00 1,814.00 1,854.00 1,904.00 1,954.00 2,014.00
30 1,820.00 1,840.00 1,880.00 1,930.00 1,980.00 2,040.00
Years of
ment G H
0 1,290.00 1,360.00
1 1,316.00 1,386.00
2 1,342.00 1,412.00
3 1,368.00 1,438.00
4 1,394.00 1,464.00
5 1,420.00 1,490.00
6 1,446.00 1,516.00
7 1,472.00 1,542.00
8 1,498.00 1,568.00
9 1,524.00 1,594.00
10 1,550.00 1,620.00
11 1,576.00 1,646.00
12 1,602.00 1,672.00
13 1,628.00 1,698.00
14 1,654.00 1,724.00
15 1,680.00 1,750.00
16 1,706.00 1,776.00
17 1,732.00 1,802.00
18 1,758.00 1,828.00
19 1,784.00 1,854.00
20 1,810.00 1,880.00
21 1,836.00 1,906.00
22 1,862.00 1,932.00
23 1,888.00 1,958.00
24 1,914.00 1,984.00
25 1,940.00 2,010.00
26 1,966.00 2,036.00
27 1,992.00 2,062.00
28 2,018.00 2,088.00
29 2,044.00 2,114.00
30 2,070.00 2,140.00
Accountant I D
Accountant II E
Accountant III F
Aide I A
Aide II B
Aide III C
Aide IV D
Audiovisual Technician C
Auditor G
Autism Mentor E
Braille or Sign Language Specialist E
Bus Operator D
Buyer F
Cabinetmaker G
Cafeteria Manager D
Carpenter I E
Carpenter II F
Chief Mechanic G
Clerk I B
Clerk II C
Computer Operator E
Cook I A
Cook II B
Cook III C
Crew Leader F
Custodian I A
Custodian II B
Custodian III C
Custodian IV D
Director or Coordinator of Services H
Draftsman D
Electrician I F
Electrician II G
Electronic Technician I F
Electronic Technician II G
Executive Secretary G
Food Services Supervisor G
Foreman G
General Maintenance C
Glazier D
Graphic Artist D
Groundsman B
Handyman B
Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanic I E
Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanic II G
Heavy Equipment Operator E
Inventory Supervisor D
Key Punch Operator B
Locksmith G
Lubrication Man C
Machinist F
Mail Clerk D
Maintenance Clerk C
Mason G
Mechanic F
Mechanic Assistant E
Office Equipment Repairman I F
Office Equipment Repairman II G
Painter E
Plumber I E
Plumber II G
Printing Operator B
Printing Supervisor D
Programmer H
Roofing/Sheet Metal Mechanic F
Sanitation Plant Operator F
School Bus Supervisor E
Secretary I D
Secretary II E
Secretary III F
Supervisor of Maintenance H
Supervisor of Transportation H
Switchboard Operator-Receptionist D
Truck Driver D
Warehouse Clerk C
Watchman B
Welder F
(1) The minimum monthly pay for each service employee whose employment is for a period of more than three and one-half hours a day shall be at least the amounts indicated in the "state minimum pay scale pay grade" and the minimum monthly pay for each service employee whose employment is for a period of three and one-half hours or less a day shall be at least one-half the amount indicated in the "state minimum pay scale pay grade" set forth in this section.
(2) An additional ten dollars per month shall be added to the minimum monthly pay of each service employee who holds a high school diploma or its equivalent.
(3) An additional ten dollars per month shall also be added to the minimum monthly pay of each service employee who holds twelve college hours or comparable credit obtained in a trade or vocational school as approved by the state board.
(4) When any part of a school service employee's daily shift of work is performed between the hours of six o'clock p.m. and five o'clock a.m. the following day, the employee shall be paid no less than an additional ten dollars per month and one half of the pay shall be paid with local funds.
(5) Any service employee required to work on any legal school holiday shall be paid at a rate one and one-half times the employee's usual hourly rate.
(6) Any full-time service personnel required to work in excess of their normal working day during any week which contains a school holiday for which they are paid shall be paid for the additional hours or fraction of the additional hours at a rate of one and one-half times their usual hourly rate and paid entirely from county board funds.
(7) No service employee may have his or her daily work schedule changed during the school year without the employee's written consent, and the employee's required daily work hours may not be changed to prevent the payment of time and one-half wages or the employment of another employee.
(8) The minimum hourly rate of pay for extra duty assignments as defined in section eight-b of this article shall be no less than one seventh of the employee's daily total salary for each hour the employee is involved in performing the assignment and paid entirely from local funds: Provided, That an alternative minimum hourly rate of pay for performing extra duty assignments within a particular category of employment may be utilized if the alternate hourly rate of pay is approved both by the county board and by the affirmative vote of a two-thirds majority of the regular full-time employees within that classification category of employment within that county: Provided, however, That the vote shall be by secret ballot if so requested by a service personnel employee within that classification category within that county. The salary for any fraction of an hour the employee is involved in performing the assignment shall be prorated accordingly. When performing extra duty assignments, employees who are regularly employed on a one-half day salary basis shall receive the same hourly extra duty assignment pay computed as though the employee were employed on a full-day salary basis.
(9) The minimum pay for any service personnel employees engaged in the removal of asbestos material or related duties required for asbestos removal shall be their regular total daily rate of pay and no less than an additional three dollars per hour or no less than five dollars per hour for service personnel supervising asbestos removal responsibilities for each hour these employees are involved in asbestos related duties. Related duties required for asbestos removal include, but are not limited to, travel, preparation of the work site, removal of asbestos decontamination of the work site, placing and removal of equipment and removal of structures from the site. If any member of an asbestos crew is engaged in asbestos related duties outside of the employee's regular employment county, the daily rate of pay shall be no less than the minimum amount as established in the employee's regular employment county for asbestos removal and an additional thirty dollars per each day the employee is engaged in asbestos removal and related duties. The additional pay for asbestos removal and related duties shall be payable entirely from county funds. Before service personnel employees may be utilized in the removal of asbestos material or related duties, they shall have completed a federal Environmental Protection Act approved training program and be licensed. The employer shall provide all necessary protective equipment and maintain all records required by the Environmental Protection Act.
(10) For the purpose of qualifying for additional pay as provided in section eight, article five of this chapter, an aide shall be considered to be exercising the authority of a supervisory aide and control over pupils if the aide is required to supervise, control, direct, monitor, escort or render service to a child or children when not under the direct supervision of certificated professional personnel within the classroom, library, hallway, lunchroom, gymnasium, school building, school grounds or wherever supervision is required. For purposes of this section, "under the direct supervision of certificated professional personnel" means that certificated professional personnel is present, with and accompanying the aide.
(11) Employees who have served in a position which meets the definition of "Bus Operator" for fifteen years or more shall receive a salary of not less than one pay grade above the minimum pay grade of "Bus Operator."

NOTE: The purpose of this bill is to provide a one-step pay increase for bus operators with fifteen years of service.

Strike-throughs indicate language that would be stricken from the present law, and underscoring indicates new language that would be added.