HB4443 H GO AM
The Committee on Government Organization moves to amend the bill:
On page three, section four, line nine, after the word "quorum" and the period, by striking out the remainder of the subdivision and inserting in lieu thereof the words "No action may be taken by the board except upon the affirmative vote of at least a majority of those members present, but in no event fewer than six of the members serving on the board."

On page eight, section six, line eighteen, after the word "interest" and the period, by changing the semicolon to a colon and inserting the words: Provided, That the board may not leverage venture capital through the sale of bonds issued by the jobs investment trust, and any debt obligation of a nongovernmental entity in which the jobs investment trust holds an equity interest may not be marketed as a governmental security by reason of the interest of the jobs investment trust. Any offering of any bond, security or evidence of indebtedness shall include the representation the jobs investment trust board is a public body corporate managing a venture capital fund that includes high-risk investments, and that in any transfer, sale, or assignment of any interest, the transferee, purchaser or assignee accepts any risk without recourse to the jobs investment trust or to the state. The secretary of the department of administration may not be a party signatory to any document associated with the transfer, sale or assignment of any interest by the jobs investment trust absent the express consent of the Legislature.