(By Delegates Douglas, Faircloth, Trump,

Manuel, Doyle and Overington)

"Calling on all West Virginians to join in the national celebration of the life of George Washington and the dedication of the George Washington Heritage Trail planned for December 14, 1999."

Whereas, The Eastern Gateway Tourism Forum and three counties in West Virginia, Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan, and the rest of the tourism industry in the Eastern Gateway Region will use the bicentennial celebration of the life of George Washington to dedicate the Trail, a self guided motor tour; and
Whereas, The George Washington Heritage Scenic Trail is both worthy and unique; it documents and preserves George Washington's connections with the State of West Virginia; and
Whereas, The Trail route would enable visitors to retrace many of Washington's oft used paths and see many of the historical sites that remain from his day; and
Whereas, The Region of the Eastern Gateway of West Virginia is rich in Revolutionary War and colonial history of our country;

Whereas, The George Washington Heritage Scenic Trail will create within the borders of West Virginia a fitting recognition of our founding father while at the same time creating an opportunity for each community touched by the trail to fully
develop the heritage assets available to them; and

Whereas, Commemorating the life and legacy of George Washington with the creation of a Byway, the George Washington Heritage Trail is a befitting honor; and
Whereas, George Washington first saw the Eastern Panhandle

land in 1748 and as a young man served as a surveyor in the area; and
Whereas, Tourism is a revenue multiplier; and the George Washington Trail is vital to the development of tourism and could be a boost to the economy of the Eastern Panhandle; and
Whereas, The George Washington Heritage Scenic Trail will be the keystone to presenting one of the most heritage-rich and most scenic regions of not only West Virginia but also the entire nation; and
Whereas, The trail is lined with a variety of historic structures, many of which are on the National Historic Register; and
Whereas, The George Washington Heritage Scenic Trail traverses scenic mountains and back roads reminiscent of the old historic turnpikes; to see the turnpikes themselves in their modern form, requires passing through some of West Virginia's most beautiful communities that have emerged as a result of the richness of this region,; and
Whereas, Tourism is environmentally friendly, the George Washington Heritage Scenic Trail could be a great tool for the marketing of the State of West Virginia as a tourist mecca,; and
Whereas, The varied resources along the George Washington Heritage Trail route will be marked by signs, brochures, visitor's centers and interpretive materials that relate the history of the route to its modern experience; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia: That the Legislature of West Virginia supports the Washington Heritage Trail; and calls upon the citizens of West Virginia to remember the life and work of our founding father; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates transmit copies of this resolution to the Governor, to United States Senators Robert C. Byrd and John D. Rockefeller, and to Representatives Allan Mollohan, Robert E. Wise, Jr., and Nick J. Rahall;, and to the West Virginia Secretary of Transportation.