(By Mr. Speaker, Mr. Kiss, and Delegates Michael, Martin, Mezzatesta, Proudfoot, Riggs, Collins, Stalnaker, Amores, Anderson, Ashley, Azinger, Beach, Beane, Boggs, Border, Butcher, Campbell, Cann, Capito, Caputo, Claypole, Clements, Coleman, Compton, Dalton, Damron, Davis, Dempsey, Douglas, Doyle, Ennis, Evans, Everson, Facemyer, Faircloth, Fantasia, Flanigan, Fragale, Gillespie, Given, Givens, Hall, Harrison, Heck, Henderson, Hubbard, Hunt, Hutchins, Jenkins, Johnson, Kelley, Kominar, Kuhn, Laird, Leach, Leggett, Linch, Louisos, Manuel, Miller, Osborne, Overington, Pettit, Pino, Prunty, Pulliam, Rowe, Seacrist, Shelton, Smirl, Smith, Sparks, Spencer, Staton, Stemple, Thomas, Thompson, Tillis, Tomblin, Trump, Tucker, Underwood, Varner, Walters, Warner, Webb, C. White, H. White, L. White, Williams, Willis, Willison, Wright and Yeager )

Supporting the completion of Corridor H connecting Elkins, West Virginia, in addition to other communities in the east central portion of the state, to the Virginia Border.

Whereas, There is a long-standing need in east central West Virginia for modern transportation infrastructure and for the completion of Corridor H; and
Whereas, Completion of this major highway Corridor, which is part of the Appalachian Highway System, will increase efficiency for travelers and will make driving through mountainous terrain much safer, and will reduce the number of accidents including fatal ones; and
Whereas, Economic vitality, commerce and communication along the route will increase with the completion of Corridor H, and new businesses and services will become more available to the east central region of the State due to the ease of traffic flow; and
Whereas, Corridor H will provide economical and efficient access to population markets which are as close as one hundred fifty miles away, and will provide a boost to tourism in the State of West Virginia with the influx of visitors from those markets; and
Whereas, Corridor H will provide access to areas in the eastern United States which have primary markets, centers of government and seaports, which markets have been identified as having growth potential, and will make accessible West Virginia's timber and other natural resources to the vast industrial capacity of the northeast; and
Whereas, The completion of Corridor H will provide an economic boon to the entire State and to the areas along the route, and therefore, enhance the opportunities for West Virginia residents to remain and prosper in the State; and
Whereas, It has been well documented through public opinion surveys that state residents overwhelmingly support infrastructure projects such as Corridor H, and clearly support this missing link to the Appalachian Highway System; and
Whereas, Federal dollars have been set aside to use for the completion of the highway and state funds are readily available to pay the state's share; and
Whereas, The Federal Highway Administration and the Division of Highways have given careful consideration to the natural, cultural and historical assets of the area traversed by Corridor H; and
Whereas, Environmental studies and legal challenges to date have documented that construction of the highway, while avoiding, preserving or providing adequate mitigation measures to affected resources, is easily achievable; therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Delegates:
That the completion of Corridor H connecting Elkins, West Virginia, to the Virginia border, is hereby supported; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby requested to forward a copy of this resolution to the Honorable Robert C. Byrd.