H.C.R 48

(By Delegate Douglas, Everson, Smith, Butcher,

White, Azinger, and Overington)

Directing state agencies, board and commission to assess and correct their year two thousand compliance problems in systems identified to be mission critical systems, no later than, the first day of January, nineteen hundred ninety- nine.
Whereas, The state of West Virginia has a multi-million- dollar investment in numerous information technology systems and equipment responsible for providing services to the public and for improving public safety for all West Virginians; and
Whereas, The year two-thousand problem threatens all computer systems and automated systems worldwide which, because of previous date standards represent years with only two digits instead of four, therefore, failing to recognize dates beyond nineteen ninety-nine, thus creating a system malfunction when the new millennium date change occurs; and
Whereas, The effectiveness of West Virginia's computer systems and automated systems are at risk from the year two thousand problem and unless immediate action is taken, many of these systems with mission critical applications will fail; and
Whereas, This legislature recognizes that the year two thousand problem needs to be approached proactively and aggressively to ensure a heightened level of compliance by nineteen ninety-nine; and
Whereas, The complex nature of the problem facing agencies, boards, and commissions require a significant amount of time to detect year two thousand dating flaws, devise solutions, and adequately test information systems makes time of the essence; and
WHEREAS , Quality assurance activities that should be coordinated with testing include inspections, reviews, system walk-thoughts, and a "Defect Prevention Process" to effectuate a sound verification of a mission critical system; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That all state agencies, boards and commissions develop policies and procedures that will promote year two thousand compliance, no later than, the first day of Julyanuary, nineteen hundred ninety-nine, and that the policies and procedures developed, allow for sufficient time for testing of these systems; be it
Further Resolved, That contracts entered by the state, for the purpose of achieving compliance be clearly defined, with evaluation criteria developed before the issuance of a contract, and if those vendors that enter a contract with state, must verify a compliance date which reflects compliance, no later than, the first day of Julyanuary, nineteen hundred ninety-nine; and, be it
Further Resolved, That all agencies, boards, and commissions submit bimonthly reports
to the legislature, executive branch, and the chief technology officer which reflect their year two-thousand compliance efforts to include the following: the name of the vendor, copy of the contract with an agreed date of compliance, a detailed report of compliance effort, problems presented by embedded microchips and lines of code, a list of hardware and software purchased to effectuate compliance, and an agency, board, commission, and vendor contact person; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates transmit copies of this resoultuionresolution to the Department of Administration, The Governor's Office of Technology, and the State Information Services and Communication Division.