H. C. R. 51

(By Delegates Martin, Proudfoot, Beach, Buchanan, Fleischauer, Collins, Everson, Laird, Louisos, Pino, Riggs, Williams, Caputo, Fantasia and Prunty)

Requesting that support, cooperation with and consideration of West Virginia's YouthBuild programs be granted when at all possible by the bureau of employment programs, the state board of education, the department of health and human resources, the private industry councils, the Governor's office and other entities, as part of the Welfare to Work initiative, the Schools to Work initiative, or other initiatives or programs.

Whereas, A significant population of young West Virginians drop out of public school and therefore lack basic education, adequate work skills and are unprepared for entry into the job market; and
Whereas, Many of these youths suffer from years of neglect, abuse and misfortune which may render them at-risk for chronic unemployment, substance abuse, crime and the possible continuation of this cycle onto their children's generation; and
Whereas, YouthBuild is a nationally recognized comprehensive program that provides adult basic education, on-the-job construction training, career and therapeutic counseling, parenting and relationship training, and leadership development training; and
Whereas, Nationally, YouthBuild places eighty-two percent of its graduates in jobs at an average wage of over seven dollars per hour and awards equivalency diplomas (GEDs) to 40 percent of its trainees who have not finished high school; and
Whereas, The State of West Virginia has three YouthBuild programs: Mon YouthBuild in Morgantown serving Marion, Monongalia and Preston counties; YouthBuild North Central serving Barbour, Tucker, Randolph and Upshur counties; and SALS YouthBuild serving Fayette and portions of surrounding counties; and
Whereas, Supportive partnerships between various agencies and West Virginia's three YouthBuild programs would benefit the agencies and the YouthBuild programs in providing more comprehensive assistance to West Virginia's young people; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That support, cooperation with and consideration of the efforts of West Virginia's YouthBuild programs be granted by various agencies via any means they may have at their disposal when at all possible; and be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates is hereby requested to forward a copy of this resolution to the secretary of the bureau of employment programs; the state superintendent of schools; the secretary of the department of health and human resources; the directors of the private industry councils; the director of the human resource investment council; the Governor; and the directors of West Virginia's three YouthBuild programs.