(By Delegates Michael and Warner)

Expressing legislative interest in the review and reorganization of the Department of Transportation and directing the Secretary of Transportation to obtain legislative approval before implementing any plan for reorganization of the Department of any of its Divisions.

Whereas, The Legislature has a vested, valid and intense interest in government organization, the state's infrastructure and the ability of state agencies to administer programs and to maintain and improve infrastructure; and
Whereas, The State Legislature is vitally interested in the ability of state agencies to function efficiently and to capture federal funds for infrastructure purposes; and
Whereas, The organizational structure, staffing levels and the degree of administrative and technical expertise within the department of transportation has a direct influence on the ability to administer programs, conduct studies, prepare plans, implement projects and capture federal funds; and
Whereas, West Virginia has been very active in decentralizing the division of motor vehicles customer service program, improving, expanding and capturing federal funds for our state highway system in recent years; and
Whereas, There are proposals to extensively expand and reorganize the division of motor vehicles, reorganize the division of highways along functional lines and combine or restructure highway safety and weight enforcement programs; and
Whereas, The Legislature respects the legal authority of the commissioners of division of motor vehicles and department of highways to establish the organizational structure of these divisions under section 7, article 2, chapter 17A and section 4, article 2A, chapter 17 of the West Virginia Code, respectively; and
Whereas, The Legislature believes that any organizational restructuring of the department of transportation and its divisions is of vital importance to the efficient operations of state government; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature andof West Virgniainia:
RESOLVED, That the secretary of the department of transportation, the department of transportation division commissioners and the administrators(s) of any other affected state agency are hereby directed to meet with, and obtain approval from, a legislative review committee consisting of the President of the Senate, Speaker of the House, Senate and House Finance Committee Chairman and Senate and House Roads and Transportation Committee Chairman prior to implementing any organizational restructuring of the department of transportation, division of motor vehicles or department of highways; and, be it
FURTHER RESOLVEDFurther Resolved, That the secretary of the department of transportation is directed to notify the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House of Delegates when any reorganization or restructuring plan is ready for such review and approval.