(By Delegate Webb)

Amending House Rules by adding thereto a new rule, designated Rule No. 95b, relating to limitation on bills pending and referred to standing committees.

Resolved by the House of Delegates:
That House Rules be amended by adding thereto a new rule, designated Rule 95b, to read as follows:
Bill Introduction Limitation
95b. A member, as first signed signatory on a bill, may not have more than ten bills under consideration at any one time during the term of the Legislature. For the purpose of this rule, bills that have passed the House, have been withdrawn from further consideration, or laid on the table may not be considered under consideration or referenced to a standing committee. The limitations set forth herein do not apply to Local Bills, Memorials, House Resolutions, bills originating from committee or bills introduced by request of the Governor.

NOTE: The purpose of this resolution is to amend the House Rules regarding the sponsorship of bills and limiting the number of bills a member can have under consideration as a sponsor of the bill to TTE tenNeight and no more than four referenced to standing committees.

Rule 95b is new; therefore, strike-throughs and underscoring are omitted.