House Resolution 30

(By Mr. Speaker Mr. Kiss and Delegates Flanigan, Wright, Yeager, Martin, Staton, Sparks, Osborne, Campbell, Compton, Laird, Louisos, Mahan, McGraw, Pulliam, Willis, and Shelton)

Recognizing the outstanding and valiant services of Specialist Mark B. Houck, who is a member of HHC, 1st Battalion, 150 Armor, West Virginia Army National Guard, and who was injured while on state emergency duty on February 2, 1998.
W HEREAS, The Governor of the State of West Virginia declared a State of Emergency in January, 1998, for twelve southern and southeastern counties as a result of a severe winter snow storm that left up to 42 inches of heavy wet snow; and
W HEREAS, As a result of the storm, thousands of residents were without electrical power and needed assistance in securing food, medicines, shelter and other needs; and
W HEREAS, The West Virginia National Guard was activated by the Governor to assist residents in the storm-affected areas; and
W HEREAS, Guardsmen immediately began evacuating and transporting residents, clearing roads of fallen trees, delivering water, supplies and fuel, providing generators and chain saws, removing snow and numerous other activities; and
W HEREAS, Specialist Mark B. Houck, age 21, is a resident of Mullens in Wyoming County, and has been a member of the Guard for three years. He responded to the Governor's call for assistance to West Virginia residents during the emergency; and
W HEREAS, During his third consecutive day of assisting residents of neighboring McDowell County, he was en route to deliver fuel for a generator at a local water plant and received an injury to his hip; and
W HEREAS, Since the date of his injury, Mark has been hospitalized, and will likely undergo rehabilitation services before resuming his pre-injury activities; and
W HEREAS, Mark has four brothers. His parents work in the Wyoming County School System. Mark was a star athlete at Mullens High School and worked for the Talon Company in Wyoming County. Mark is greatly missed by his family, friends and fellow workers; and
W HEREAS , It is fitting and proper to recognize the significant and valuable contributions that Mark B. Houck has made to the State of West Virginia and its citizens; therefore, be it
Resolved by the House
of Delegates
That the House of Delegates hereby acknowledges the many contributions that Mark B. Houck has provided the State of West Virginia and its citizens; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to Mark B. Houck, his parents and to the 1st Battalion, 150 Armor, West Virginia Army National Guard.