(By Senators Bailey, Macnaughtan, Bowman,

Wooton, McKenzie, Kessler and Scott)

Requesting the Division of Highways to prohibit certain vehicles from traveling in certain lanes on highways and to further request that signs be posted to enforce this prohibition.

Whereas, Tractor trailers are often fully loaded and cannot maintain the speed of the normal flow of traffic, especially on inclines; and
Whereas, Multiple-lane highways were designed to allow the free flow of traffic, particularly around slower-moving vehicles; and
Whereas, Highways with three lanes in one direction were constructed realizing that on inclines some tractor trailers are able to move faster than other tractor trailers but both are moving slower than normal traffic, thus a third lane was needed to maintain normal traffic flow; and
Whereas, The impeding of normal traffic flow causes a greatly enhanced possibility of increasing driver anger and of accident or injury which can be rectified by a change in regulation; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the Division of Highways is hereby requested to prohibit tractor trailers from traveling in the farthest left lane of highways divided into three lanes of traffic flowing in the same direction and to prohibit the travel of tractor trailers in the left-hand lane of those sections of two-lane highways where such prohibition would enhance the free flow of traffic, and and that the Division of Highways is further requested Legislature further requests the Division of Highways to post signs to accomplish such free flow of traffic.