(By Senators Prezioso, Oliverio, Ross, Buckalew, Hunter, Sharpe, McKenzie, Schoonover, Love, Minear, Kimble, Sprouse, Fanning, Helmick, Wooton, Jackson, Craigo, Chafin, Bailey, Walker, Plymale, Bowman, White, Snyder, Anderson, Dittmar, Kessler, Macnaughtan, Ball, Boley, Deem and Tomblin, Mr. President)

Recognizing the gymnastic accomplishments of Kristin Quackenbush, 1997 AA1 American Award winner.

Whereas, Kristin Quackenbush, a native of Utica, New York, is the first West Virginia University gymnast to win the AA1, an annual award honoring the best of collegiate gymnasts in the country; and
Whereas, Kristin Quackenbush is the only Mountaineer gymnast with five perfect 10.00s and the first gymnast with two perfect 10.00s in the same meet; and
Whereas, Kristin Quackenbush will graduate from West Virginia University in May, 1998, with a degree in physical education teaching; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate:
That the Senate hereby acknowledges the outstanding gymnastic accomplishments of Kristin Quackenbush, a student at West Virginia University, and the 1997 AA1 American Award winner; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to Kristin Quackenbush.