By Senators Plymale, Bowman, Helmick, Love, Ross and Minear

Commemorating the passing of Redwood, canine fire investigator for the Division of Forestry.

    Whereas, Redwood was born on the fifteenth day of November, 1994, near Nashville, Tennessee. He was educated at the National Police Bloodhound Association in Grantsville, Maryland, and served faithfully for nearly three years as an investigator for the West Virginia Division of Forestry. Redwood died on the sixth day of August, 1997, in Tams Mountain, Raleigh County, West Virginia; and

    Whereas, Redwood was an ardent protector of West Virginia forests and was less than a year old when he first led West Virginia foresters from the point of origin of a forest fire to the front door of an evilhearted and disturbed predator who had set the fire; and

    Whereas, Redwood served West Virginia forests and citizens skillfully on numerous cases, including search and rescue missions as well as arson investigations. On a number of investigations when youthful offenders merely caught sight of Redwood, they became ashamed of their actions and confessed; and

    Whereas, A basic cause of the intestinal obstruction that led to Redwood’s death was the oversized chest cavity that held his heroic canine heart; therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate:

    That regret is hereby expressed by the members of the Senate at the passing of Redwood, true friend, forest protector, crimestopper and good dog; and, be it

Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to Bill Maxey, Director of the West Virginia Division of Forestry, and to Redwood’s family, the family of Forest Ranger Don Kelly.