H. B. 4529

(By Delegates Kelley, Beane, Compton,

Evans and Hall)

[Passed March 10, 2000; in effect from passage.]

AN ACT finding and declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state and directing the auditor to issue warrants for the payment thereof.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
§1. Finding and declaring certain claims against the attorney general's office; division of corrections; division of labor; and the supreme court of appeals to be moral obligations of the state and directing payments thereof.

The Legislature has heretofore made findings of fact that the state has received the benefit of the commodities received and/or services rendered by certain claimants herein and has considered these claims against the state, and agencies thereof, which have arisen due to overexpenditures of the departmental appropriations by officers of the state spending units, the claims having been previously considered by the court of claims which also found that the state has received the benefit of the commodities received and/or services rendered by the claimants, but were denied by the court of claims on the purely statutory grounds that to allow the claims would be condoning illegal acts contrary to the laws of the state. The Legislature pursuant to its findings of fact and also by the adoption of the findings of fact by the court of claims as its own, and, while not condoning such illegal acts, hereby declares it to be the moral obligation of the state to pay these claims in the amounts specified below, and directs the auditor to issue warrants upon receipt of properly executed requisitions supported by itemized invoices, statements or other satisfactory documents as required by section ten, article three, chapter twelve of the code of West Virginia, one thousand nine hundred thirty-one as amended, for the payments thereof out of any fund appropriated and available for the purpose.
(a) Claim against the Attorney General's Office:
(1) Juliet R. Stevenson$11,706.13
(b) Claims against the Division of Corrections:
(1) Anthony Creek Rescue Squad. 481.50
(2) Associated Surgical Care, P.L.L.C. 593.00
(3) Ramsey Behnam, M.D.. 150.00
(4) Bluefield Anesthesia Associates, Inc.. 558.00
(5) Cabell County Commission 10.08
(6) Arthur L. Calhoun, M.D., Janus E. LeVos, M.D.,
Partners dba Harrisville Medical Center. 347.50
(7) Central WV Medcorp, Inc. 8,510.00
(8) Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.286,590.93
(9) Charleston Cardiology Group 1,380.00
(10) Charleston Radiation Therapy 29,837.00
(11) Clarksburg Anesthesia Assoc. 900.72
(12) Community Radiology of Virginia 1,200.00
(13) Thomas Condron, D.D.S.. 343.00
(14) Correctional Medical Services, Inc.315,427.47
(15) Davis Memorial Hospital 34,331.13
(16) EMP of Harrison County 195.10
(17) EMP of Wood County 587.40
(18) G.Y. Dagher, M.D. 1,275.00
(19) J. Patrick Galey, M.D. 2,541.00
(20) General Ambulance, Inc. 250.00
(21) General Anesthesia Services 8,175.00
(22) Grafton City Hospital 24,110.71
(23) Greenbrier Physicians, Inc. 3,960.00
(24) Greenbrier Valley Medical Center 547.38
(25) Heiskell & King Surgical Associates, Inc. 1,162.00
(26) Hatem Hossino, M.D. 2,350.00
(27) Steven A. Issenberg, M.D. 150.00
(28) Jackson General Hospital 69.00
(29) Jan Care Ambulance 12,159.00
(30) Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Auth. 516.00
(31) Kelly Medical Corporation 2,679.30
(32) Stephen C. Lau, M.D. 130.00
(33) Edward M. Litz, M.D. 410.00
(34) Medbrook Medical Associates, Inc. 234.00
(35) Monongalia County Commission 103.50
(36) Montgomery General Hospital 9,772.63
(37) Pharmacy Association, Inc., dba
Option Care 30,846.69
(38) Radiological Physicians Associates 2,030.00
(39) Radiology, Inc. 513.00
(40) Rose Associated Radiologists 312.00
(41) St. Joseph's Hospital 4,298.55
(42) Jashvantlal Thakker, M.D. 2,330.00
(43) Tincher Dental Laboratory 119.60
(44) Tygart Valley Total Care Clinic 9,253.00
(45) United Anesthesia, Inc. 840.00
(46) United Hospital Center 2,426.10
(47) University Health Associates 77,501.75
(48) Valley Community Mental Health Center 810.00
(49) West Virginia University Hospitals, Inc. 93,593.43
(c) Claim against the Division of Labor:
(1) Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 240.04
(d) Claim against the Supreme Court of Appeals:
Cabell County Commission 8,908.00

Total amount of general revenue -$997,765.64