(By Delegates Fleischauer, Houston and Marshall and Fletcher)

Requesting the West Virginia Division of Highways of the great need for preserving the existing controlled access on that portion of W.V. Route 705 between Willowdale Road and U.S. Route 119 in Monongalia County.

Whereas, W.V. Route 705 was constructed in or about 1979, with federal highway funds, as a controlled access highway to facilitate transportation and access to Morgantown and West Virginia University, the West Virginia Medical Center and West Virginia University athletic events; and
The House of Delegates recognizes that this controlled access road serves as a major traffic conduit to and from the rapidly growing northeast portion of Monongalia County; and
Whereas, The House of Delegates recognizes that W.V. Route 705 serves as a major traffic conduit for West Virginia University Hospital and Monongalia General Hospital, which have a near constant flow of ambulances and private vehicles transporting patients, many in serious and critical medical conditions, to and from these facilities; and
Whereas, The House of Delegates recognized that this controlled access road, prior to and following significant athletic events at West Virginia University, is often clogged with vehicles for long periods of time; and
Whereas, A number of persons, corporations or institutions are desirous of acquiring, selling or utilizing property along with limited access portion of W.V. Route 705 for the location of large retail outlets and other commercial or institutional ventures; and
Whereas, The House of Delegates is mindful of those U.S. and W.V. Code provisions which provide that, if a road is constructed, in whole or in part, with federal or state road funds and that construction results in the abutment of real property that did not previously abut on it, the owners of that property have no rights of direct access; and
Official Division of Highways traffic studies indicate that 22,000 vehicles per day already use this heavily traveled highway, and eliminating the limited access status will result in the use of this highway by thousands of additional vehicles; and
Whereas, W.V. Route 705 changes from four lanes to two lanes at the Stewartstown Road intersection resulting in enormous traffic jams at numerous times of the day, especially when employees are leaving work from Myland Pharmaceuticals and West Virginia University Medical Center and the federal NIOSH facility; and
Whereas, The Monongalia County commission is unanimously opposed to ending controlled access on W.V. Route 705 because they believe it would be detrimental to the quality of life in Monongalia County and would have the effect of reducing safety and reducing traffic efficiency to and from that area; and
Whereas, The House of Delegates recognizes that preserving the controlled access on W.V. Route 705 at the subject location would provide for the maximum safety of persons traveling upon, entering or leaving the highway and would be the best means of promoting the efficient and rapid movement of traffic to and from that area of Monongalia County; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the West Virginia Legislature strongly urges the Division of Highways to preserve the controlled access status now maintained on W.V. Route 705 between Willowdale Road and U.S. Rt. 119 in Monongalia County; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates forward a copy of this resolution to the Commissioner of the Division of Highways.