(By Delegate Evans, Angotti, Anderson, Fletcher, Webb, Kuhn, Hunt, Linch, Hatfield, Campbell, Kelley, Willis, Laird, Capito, Shelton, Mattaliano, Coleman, Prunty, Frederick, Willison, Armstead, Schadler, Overington, Mahan, Ross, Ashley, Varner, Hutchins, Susman, L. Smith, Sparks, Dalton, Flanigan, Pettit, Caputo, Manchin, Tucker, Kominar, Ferrell, Butcher, Azinger, Modesitt, Pino, C. White, Calvert, Trump, H. White, Hall, Manuel, J. Smith, Hubbard, Proudfoot, Amores, Pethtel, Boggs, Riggs, L. White, Cann, Givens, Beane, McGraw, Thompson, Border, Facemyer, Stalnaker, Martin, Louisos, Romine, Faircloth, Hines, Michael, Leach, Dempsey, Houston and Williams)

Requesting the Commissioner of the West Virginia division of highways to name bridges in the West Virginia highways system in honor of West Virginia veterans of the Vietnam conflict still missing in action in Southeast Asia.

Whereas, During the decades of the 1960's and 1970's, many of West Virginia's finest native sons and daughters honorably served in the United States Armed Forces in Vietnam and Southeast Asia ; and
Whereas, More than twenty-five years have passed since this nation's military involvement in Southeast Asia came to an end; however, the fate of at least twenty-two of West Virginia's native sons who are still missing in action remains unknown, and who are as follows: John Scott Albright, Jr., U.S. Air Force, Huntington; Albert Harold Altizer, U.S. Army, Squire; Joseph Austin, U.S. Air Force, Moundsville; Jerry Edward Auxier, U.S. Army, Dixie; Keith Royal Wilson Curry, U.S. Navy, Salem; James Edward Duncan, U.S. Army, Point Pleasant; Robert William Hunt, U.S. Army, Beckley; Carroll Baxter Lilly, U.S. Air Force, Morgantown; Larry Francis Lucas, U.S. Army, Marmet; Danny G. Marshall, U.S. Marines, Waverly; Michael Robert Norton, U.S. Army, Eskdale; Edward Milton Parsley, U.S. Air Force, Naugatuck; Marshall Irvin Pauley, U.S. Air Force, Milton; Ronald Keith Pennington, U.S. Marines, Hambleton; Joe Harold Pringle, U.S. Army, Horner; James Ray Sargent, U.S. Marines, Anawalt; Hughie Franklin Snider, U.S. Army, New Cumberland; Dean Calvin Spencer, III, U.S. Army, Morgantown; James Lawrence Taylor, U.S. Army, Nitro; George Winton Thompson, U.S. Air Force, Beckley; Hobart McKinley Wallace, Jr., U.S. Marines, Sharon; David Wallace Wickham, U.S. Navy, Wheeling; and
The West Virginia chapters of Veterans organizations believe that a proper way to keep these individuals' sacrifices alive in the minds of the citizens of this state and nation would be to have a bridge in the home county of each of these individuals named in honor of each veteran from this state still missing in action in Southeast Asia, not only for the sake and honor of those missing, but also for the sake and honor of their spouses, sons, daughters, parents, family, friends and fellow surviving veterans; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the Commissioner of the West Virginia division of highways is hereby requested to designate and name a bridge in the home county and in the proximity of the hometown in honor of each of the twenty-two individual veterans known to still be missing in action in Southeast Asia while serving in the United States Armed Forces during this nation's military involvement in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, known as the War in Vietnam; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Commissioner is requested
to have made and placed, at either end of each such bridge, the name and branch of service of each such individual in whose name the bridge is so named, together with the words "NATIVE SON-MISSING IN ACTION-VIETNAM" after the name of the individual.