(By Delegates Trump, Manuel, Doyle, Overington,

Douglas, Faircloth, Schadler, Evans and Michael)

Requesting that the School Building Authority give special consideration in its funding decisions to the needs of counties experiencing growth in enrollment.

Whereas, The School Building Authority is empowered to facilitate and provide state funds and to administer all federal funds provided for the construction and major improvement of school facilities so as to meet the educational needs of the people of this State in an efficient and economical manner; and
Whereas, The authority is charged with making funding determinations by assessing existing school facilities and each facility's school major improvement plan in relation to the needs of the individual student, the general school population, the communities served by the facilities and facility needs statewide; and
Whereas, There are several counties of this State that are experiencing population growth; and
Whereas, This growth has resulted in the rapid increase of enrollment in the public schools of these counties; and
Whereas, It is incumbent upon this State to provide educational facilities for students that are not overcrowded and have sufficient classroom, laboratory and recreational facilities for their use; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the Legislature hereby requests the School Building Authority to identify the counties of this State that are experiencing growth in enrollment and to give these counties consideration, weighing heavily their needs for funding for the construction, improvement and maintenance of school facilities.