(By Delegates Staton, Beane, Capito, Rowe, Hutchins and Linch)

Amending House Rule 132, relating to form and content of Journal and printing of remarks in the Appendix to the Journal.
Resolved by the House of Delegates:

That House Rule 132 be amended to read as follows:
"Form and Content of Journal"
132. The Journal shall be kept and published in minute form so as to show a running account of all proceedings and actions taken. Every written motion, unless it be withdrawn on the same day submitted and before action has been taken thereon, and such other material and matters required by these rules and the joint rules of the Senate and House shall be printed in the Journal. No remarks of members, speeches, newspaper editorials and articles, or other material shall be printed in the daily Journal, except explanations of votes as provided by these rules and such portions of remarks as may be necessary for the record in instances where a member may be called to order for words spoken in debate.
The Clerk shall keep and publish an Appendix to the bound and official Journals of each session of the House. There shall be included in the Appendix all remarks of members and other material ordered printed by the House.
An address or remarks by a member made on the floor of the House may be printed in the appendix with the consent of the House only on the request of the member making such address or remarks or by request of another member, if the member making such address or remarks consents to said request.