(By Senators Dittmar, Ross, Ball, Kessler, Anderson, Sharpe, Helmick, Fanning, Bowman, Prezioso, Minard, Walker, Wooton, Jackson, Sprouse, Minear, Deem, Boley, Unger, Redd, McCabe, McKenzie, Oliverio, Mitchell, Hunter, Dawson, Love, Edgell, Snyder, Bailey and Tomblin, Mr. President)

Recognizing the importance of preserving and protecting the beautiful and irreplaceable resources of the West Virginia state park system.

Whereas, The state park system is nationally recognized for its preservation of natural, scenic, historic, and cultural wonders. At the same time, the state park system provides excellent recreational and vacation opportunities for the citizens of West Virginia and its visitors; and
Whereas, The state park system serves as a model of the wise and conservation-minded use of natural resources while enhancing the quality of life for all West Virginians; and
Whereas, The state park system's scenic beauty, lush forests, clean streams, abundant wildlife and areas of simple tranquility can be enjoyed by all while simultaneously providing an important source of economic growth and employment; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate:
That the Senate hereby recognizes and supports the state park system and the areas it includes, as well as pledging its commitment to assuring that these special places where people and nature meet will be protected as a public trust to serve as our gift to future generations; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to each state park facility and to the Commissioner of the Division of Natural Resources.