(By Senators Chafin, Tomblin (Mr. President), Anderson, Bailey,

Ball, Boley, Bowman, Craigo, Dawson, Deem, Dittmar,

Edgell, Fanning, Helmick, Hunter, Jackson, Kessler, Love,

McCabe, McKenzie, Minard, Minear, Mitchell, Oliverio,

Plymale, Prezioso, Redd, Ross, Sharpe, Snyder, Sprouse,

Unger, Walker and Wooton)

Recognizing the dedicated public service of Linda Gibson, Bill Status and History Clerk of the Senate and distinguished West Virginian.

Whereas, Linda Gibson began her service to the Senate of West Virginia in 1967 as a temporary secretary; and
Whereas, In 1972, Linda Gibson was elevated to the position as Abstract Composer; and
Whereas, In 1975, Linda Gibson began her full-time service to West Virginia Senate and has served as Bill Status and History Clerk until present; and
Whereas, Linda Gibson is married to her beloved husband, Jack Gibson. She is the mother of three daughters, Cheryl Lynn Rollyson, Elizabeth A. Krall and Janette L. Browne and is the proud grandmother of four grandchildren, Christopher Rollyson, Derek and Rachel Krall and Luke Browne; and
Whereas, Linda Gibson has decided to retire from public service in July, 2000, bringing to an end her thirty-three years of dedicated service to the Senate; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate:
That the Senate hereby recognizes to Linda Gibson for her many years of dedicated service to the West Virginia Senate and hereby extends its heartfelt appreciation. Her commitment to the Senate, together with her knowledge and expertise of the legislative process, has, over her thirty-three years of dedicated service, been an inspiration to those who have known and worked with her; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to Linda Gibson.