(By Senators Unger and Snyder)

Recognizing Leadership Berkeley for its service, dedication and commitment to Berkeley County.

Whereas, The objective of Leadership Berkeley is to promote knowledge and awareness of the problems, opportunities and issues facing Berkeley County; and
Whereas, Leadership Berkeley is designed to provide a series of educational and participatory experiences, as well as an opportunity for dialogue and the development of a correlation among participants in order to encourage local participation in the growth of Berkeley County; and
Whereas, The membership of Leadership Berkeley includes individuals from nearly every facet of Berkeley County's business, professional, religious, governmental, educational, civic, the arts, organized labor and minority organizations who demonstrate a commitment to the community; and
Whereas, The 2002-2003 membership of Leadership Berkeley consists of James Bombino, Arbour Family Chiropractic; Diane Creason, BB&T; Eugene DeLawder, DCPSSD; Michael Hicks, Frederick Seibert & Associates; Kenneth Marstiller, Berkeley County Schools; Scott Slick, BB&T; Nanette Stevens, West Virginia Housing Development Fund; Stacy Campbell, Huntington National Bank; Ross Curtis, Curtis Engineering; Cherise Garrido, Veterans Administration Medical Center; Laura Kees, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; T. J. Roccogrande, Huntington National Bank; Sandy Sponaugle, Platinum PR; Timothy Taylor, Merrill Lynch; Barbara Corbin, Veterans Administration Medical Center; Michele Davis, Shenandoah Valley Medical System; James Gassler, Cox Nichols Hollida, Certified Public Accountants; Larry Kershner, Huntington National Bank; Christopher Ross, Pill & Pill; Amanda Steiner, Pill & Pill; and William Zinner, Alpha Associates, Inc.; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate:
That the Senate hereby recognizes Leadership Berkeley for its service, dedication and commitment to Berkeley County; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the appropriate officials of Leadership Berkeley.