(By Senators Plymale, Edgell, Tomblin, Mr. President, Dempsey,

Chafin, Fanning, Jenkins, Hunter, Minear, Boley, Deem, Snyder,

Unger, Helmick, Ross, Sharpe, Minard, Prezioso, Caldwell, Rowe, Guills, Bailey, Kessler, Bowman, McKenzie, Sprouse, Oliverio, Love and Smith)

Congratulating the winners of the Character Education Essay Contest for 2002-2003.

Whereas, The Department of Education's Office of Student Services and Assessment designed the Character Education Essay Contest, which is an annual contest open to students in grades three through 12; and
Whereas, Students are asked to write essays addressing a specific topic which is developed in alignment with the six character traits recognized by character education experts and representatives of diverse secular and religious youth-serving organizations; and
Whereas, Students are given two weeks to address the topic and submit final drafts of their essays to their classroom teachers who then screen the essays and select three from each class to be sent to the Office of Student Services and Assessment where they are considered by teachers trained in holistic judging; and
Whereas, A winner is determined for each grade level in each county. From the county winners, a state winner is selected for each grade; and
Whereas, The 2002-2003 state winners are: 3rd grade, Kristin Hatmaker, Riverside Elementary School, Mingo County; 4th grade, Elizabeth Ferguson, Wayne Elementary School, Wayne County; 5th grade, Nikki Kinder, Hamlin Elementary School, Lincoln County; 6th grade, Jessica Hinkle, Petersburg Elementary School, Grant County; 7th grade, Michael Fairless, Musselman Middle School, Berkeley County; 8th grade, Andrew Adkins, Guyan Valley High School, Lincoln County; 9th grade, Jordan Beckett, Wirt County High School; 10th grade, Zephainie Custer, Hedgesville High School, Berkeley County; 11th grade, Nichol Rose, Pocahontas County High School; and 12th grade, Ashley Echard, Gilmer County High School; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate:
That the Senate hereby congratulates the winners of the Character Education Essay Contest for 2002-2003; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the Superintendent of the Department of Education and to each Character Education Essay Contest winner for 2002-2003.