(By Delegates Ennis, DeLong, Swartzmiller,

Tucker, Yost, Wakim and L. White)

Requesting that September 12th of every year be declared as West Virginia Monarch Butterfly Day.

Whereas, The Monarch Butterfly, scientifically known as Danaus plexippus and nicknamed the "milkweed butterfly", is the state butterfly; and
Whereas, The Monarch Butterfly has declined in population in recent years; and
Whereas, September 12, an established school day, will facilitate the study of the Monarch Butterfly migration through West Virginia; and
Whereas, Monarch butterflies migrate through West Virginia traveling north in July and migrate south in September and October; and
Whereas, September 12 offers warm weather, facilitating field trips to observe the Monarch on the milkweed; and
Whereas, September 12 is close to the day known as "Grandparents Day" which allows families to celebrate worthwhile family activities in celebration of grandparents and Monarch Butterflies; and
Whereas, The day to be set aside as West Virginia Monarch Butterfly Day would not require an absence from employment obligations as a legal observed holiday and not require funding to establish this observance on September 12; and
Whereas, The Monarch Butterfly being our state butterfly reflects our acknowledgment of the Monarch butterfly; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That September 12th of every year beginning with 2004 be set aside for the Monarch Butterfly to be acknowledged, pondered, studied, explored, conserved and celebrated.