Adopted by House 3-5-08

SB340 H JUD AMT 2-28 #1

The Committee on the Judiciary moves to amend the title of the committee substitute as follows:
Com. Sub. for S. B. 340 -- "A Bill to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new article, designated §46A-2A-101, §46A-2A-102, §46A-2A-103, §46A-2A-104 and §46A-2A-105, all relating to the unauthorized access or acquisition of certain computerized data which compromises the security, confidentiality or integrity of personal information; requiring notification of a breach of the security of a system compromising personal information; permitting internal notification procedures; non-compliance; enforcement by the Attorney General; civil penalties; civil actions by residents for actual damages; violations by a licensed financial institutions; and applicability."