Adopted by House 4-10-2009
SB249 H ED AMT 4-8

Your committee on education moves to amend the title of the bill, by striking the title and inserting in lieu thereof a new title to read as follows:
" A BILL to amend and reenact §18-5-45 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, relating to the annual school calendar; making additional findings; providing forty-three week "window" for employment term; adding additional specificity to types of meetings and participants on instructional support and enhancement days; providing noninstructional days for opening school are prior to the first day of instructional term rather than certain date, allowing additional days to be scheduled and reserving at least one day for classroom preparation by teacher; consolidating provisions applicable to accrued instructional time and allowing use for full days but not to avoid scheduling one hundred eighty days; providing for reporting days of accrued instructional time along with separate days; specifying accounting of accrued instructional time at schools with certain different grade levels and for county-wide use; providing for rescheduling of non instructional time on or after February 1, if one hundred eighty separate days as scheduled are not possible; exceptions; providing for additional lengthening of school day on or after February 1, to make up for lost instructional time and avoid rescheduling professional development under certain condition; providing for effect of 2009 amendment beginning 2010-11 school year; increasing the minimum allotment to classroom teachers and librarians of faculty senate funds; and making various technical and preferred language changes.