SB280 HFIN AMT 4-8

The Committee on Finance moved to amend the title of the bill to read as follows:
S. B. 280 - "A BILL to repeal §28-5B-1, §28-5B-2, §28-5B-3, §28-5B-4, §28-5B-5, §28-5B-6, §28-5B-7, §28-5B-8, §28-5B-9, §28-5B- 10, §28-5B-11, §28-5B-12, §28-5B-13, §28-5B-14, §28-5B-15, §28-5B- 16, §28-5B-17 and §28-5B-18 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; and to amend said code by adding thereto a new article, designated §25-7-1, §25-7-2, §25-7-3, §25-7-4, §25-7-5, §25-7-6, §25-7-7, §25-7-8, §25-7-9, §25-7-10, §25-7-11, §25-7-12, §25-7-13, §25-7-14, §25-7-15, §25-7-16 and §25-7-17, all relating to enacting the Correctional Industries Act of 2009; authorizing the Commissioner of the Division of Corrections to enter into correctional industries contracts, develop a marketing plan, create catalogues and a website and determine prices; purchasing inmate- made articles and products by state agencies mandatory; providing exceptions; creating the Correctional Industries Account; prohibiting sale of inmate-made goods on the open market; providing penalties; authorizing the establishment of prison industry enhancement certification programs pursuant to Title 18 U. S. C. §1761(c); providing for agreements between private entities and the commissioner or the director of the Division of Juvenile Services to establish the federal programs; providing for the contents of the agreements; and updating certain terms.".