SB414 H&HR AMT 4-6
The Committee on Health and Human Resources moves to amend the bill, beginning on page one, by striking out the title of the bill in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof a new title, to read as follows:
A BILL to repeal §5-16-7b of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; to repeal §5A-3C-1, §5A-3C-2, §5A-3C-3, §5A-3C-4, §5A-3C-5, §5A-3C-6, §5A-3C-7, §5A-3C-8, §5A-3C-9, §5A-3C-10, §5A-3C-11, §5A-3C-12, §5A-3C-13, §5A-3C-14, §5A-3C-15, §5A-3C-16 and §5A-3C-17 of said code; to amend and reenact §5F-2-2 of said code; to amend and reenact §16-29H-1, §16-29H-2, §16-29H-3, §16-29H-4 and §16-29H-5 of said code; and to amend said code by adding thereto five new sections, designated §16-29H-6, §16-29H-7, §16-29H-8, §16-29H-9, and §16-29H-10, all relating generally to the creation of the Governor's Office of Health Enhancement and Lifestyle Planning; setting forth legislative findings; setting forth the powers and duties of the office; transferring the powers and duties of the Pharmaceutical Cost Management Council to the office; creating the position of director; setting forth the qualifications of the director; setting forth the powers and duties of the director; providing for staff; requiring the development of a five-year strategic plan; providing for legislative rule-making authority; providing for coordination with various state agencies, departments, boards, bureaus and commissions; requiring reporting to the Governor and the Legislature; establishing pilot projects for patient-centered medical homes; setting forth legislative findings; defining terms; evaluating existing medical home pilot programs; establishing criteria for pilot projects for patient- centered medical homes; defining four types of pilot projects; setting forth evaluation criteria; granting rule-making authority and exempting from Purchasing division requirements."