SB552 HFA AMT Perry 4-10
Delegate Perry moved to amend the bill on page one, by striking the title to the bill and inserting in lieu thereof a new title, to read as follows:
"Eng. Com. Sub. For Senate Bill No. 552--A BILL to repeal §33-15D- 1, §33-15D-2, §33-15D-3, §33-15D-4, §33-15D-5, §33-15D-6, §33-15D- 7, §33-15D-8, §33-15D-9, §33-15D-10 and §33-15D-11 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; to amend said code by adding a new section thereto, designated, §33-16-3t; to amend and reenact §33- 16F-1, §33-16F-2, §33-16F-3, §33-16F-4, §33-16F-5, §33-16F-6, §33- 16F-7 and §33-16F-8 of said code; and to amend said code by adding thereto two new sections, designated §33-16F-9 and §33-16F-10, all relating to health insurance; providing a special enrollment period for continued employee group accident and sickness insurance coverage for certain involuntarily terminated employees
and their dependents; providing legislative findings; defining terms; mandating notice to individuals eligible for coverage; providing for a disregard of certain periods for purposes of calculating creditable coverage; establishing a program to provide affordable health care insurance coverage; requiring the Insurance Commissioner to invite carriers and other entities to submit proposals for affordable health insurance plans; defining terms; specifying that plans do not create an entitlement; establishing eligibility and standards for such plans; providing for evaluation of the plans and reports to the Legislature; providing for continuation of existing limited benefit plans; and authorizing emergency and legislative rules."