Delegate Carmichael moves to amend the committee substitute
on page six at line five of section four-a, by inserting the following new subsection:
(f) The special election to fill the vacancy in the United States Senate existing as of July 1, 2010 shall be conducted as an open general election with no nomination requirements. Any candidates may appear in the special election to fill the vacancy after filing a timely certificate of announcement with the Secretary of State and the payment of the required filing fee.
(1) Absentee ballots, other than military and overseas ballots, shall be mailed no later than fifteen days prior to the the general election; military and overseas ballots shall be mailed no later than thirty days prior to the the general election;
(3) A notarized declaration of candidacy and filing fee shall be filed and received in hand by the Secretary of State by 5:00 p.m. on the fourth business day following the proclamation of the special election. The declaration of candidacy may be filed in person, by United States mail, electronic means or any other means authorized by the Secretary of State;

(3) An open general election means that any certified candidate for a vacant United States Senate seat may seek election without a nominating process and the candidate receiving the most votes in that election shall be elected to fill that vacancy; provided that, if no candidate shall receive a majority of votes in the open general special election a runoff election shall take place twenty eight days after that election which shall be between the two candidates receiving the largest shares of the vote in that open general special election.

And renumbering the remaining subsections accordingly