SB 2001 HFA Fleischauer and Barker 7-17 #1

Delegates Fleischauer and Barker move to amend the bill on page two, after the enacting clause by striking out the remainder of the bill and inserting in lieu thereof the following:
"That said code be amended by adding thereto a new section, designated §3-10-4a, to read as follows:
§3-10-4a. Special Senate vacancy election.
(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of section three of this article establishing a process for the appointment an7d election of a successor to the vacancy in the office of United States Senator existing on July 1, 2010: (1) the Governor shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy until a successor is elected and qualified pursuant to this section; (2) the governor shall issue a proclamation designating the general election of November 2, 2010, as the election to fill the unexpired term; and (3) the governor shall cause the proclamation of election to be published prior to the election as a Class II-0 legal advertisement in accordance with article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code and the publication area for the publication is each county of the state.
(b) Political party candidates to be voted for at the 2010 general election shall be nominated by a state party convention to be called, convened and held under the resolutions, rules and regulations of the political party executive committees of the state. The laws prescribing the manner of calling, constituting and holding conventions to nominate candidates for presidential electors shall, insofar as applicable, govern conventions to nominate candidates to fill the vacancy. The county executive committee shall call and convene a county convention with delegates thereto apportioned to and representative of the several magisterial districts of the county as provided in section twenty- one of article five of this chapter. The county convention shall select the county's prescribed number of state convention delegates and the chairman and secretary of the convention shall promptly certify the names and addresses of the persons so selected as delegates to the state convention to the chairman of the state executive committee of the political party. State political parties shall certify their candidates to the Secretary of State no later than August 31, 2010.
Upon the election and qualification of a United States Senator following the November 2, 2010 election, the provisions of this section will expire, and the process for selection and election of a United States Senator will revert to the process otherwise established by the provisions of this chapter.