(By Senators Plymale, Wells, Browning, Edgell, Foster, Green, Laird, Stollings, Unger, White, Barnes, Boley and Guills)

[Originating in the Committee on Education]

Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study the issue of Vocational Education from Middle School through Adulthood.

Whereas, a highly-skilled and educated workforce is critical to the economic development efforts of West Virginia; and
Whereas, a skilled and educated workforce is necessary to fill the highly-skilled technical jobs of the future; and
Whereas, career and technical education instruction assists students in developing 21st Century skills necessary for success in the workforce and post secondary education; and
Whereas, public school students, as well as adults, need the proper academic and technical preparation necessary for high- skills, high-wage occupations; and
Whereas, the majority of careers in the global workplace are "middle skill occupations" requiring students to have both academic and technical skills for success; and,
Whereas, students need to be more engaged at the middle school level in career and technical education offerings that spark an interest in remaining in school and pursuing a career goal; and
Whereas, ninety-percent of the best paying jobs in the future requires education beyond high school; and
Whereas, clear, seamless career and technical education pathways for secondary students transitioning from middle school to high school, high school to community and technical colleges are in place; therefore be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance is hereby requested to study vocational education from middle school through adulthood in and for the state; and, be it
Further Resolved, That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance report to the regular session of the Legislature, 2011, on its findings, conclusions and recommendation, together with drafts of any legislation necessary to effectuate its recommendations; and be it
Further resolved, That the expenses necessary to conduct this study, to prepare a report and to draft necessary legislation be paid from legislative appropriations to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance.