Adopted by House 2-3-2010

HB4142 HFAT Miley 2-1

"A Bill to amend and reenact §30-17-1, §30-17-2, §30-17-3, §30-17-4, §30-17-5, §30-17-6, §30-17-7, §30-17-8, §30-17-9, §30-17- 10, §30-17-11 §30-17-12, §30-17-13, §30-17-14, and §30-17-15
of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; and to amend said code by adding thereto five new sections, designated, §30-17-16, §30-17-17, §30-17-18, §30-17-19 and §30-17-20, all relating to the regulation of environmental health science; prohibiting the practice of environmental health science without a license; prohibiting the practice of public health sanitation without a certificate; providing definitions; renaming board of registration for sanitarians; revising board composition; setting forth the powers and duties of the board; clarifying rule-making authority; continuing a special revenue account; establishing license, permit and certificate requirements; providing for exemptions from licensure; providing for licensure for persons licensed in another state; establishing renewal requirements; requiring display of license; setting forth grounds for disciplinary actions; allowing for specific disciplinary actions; providing procedures for investigation of complaints; providing for judicial review and appeals of decisions; setting forth hearing and notice requirements; providing for civil causes of action; providing increased criminal penalties; providing that a single act is evidence of practice; establishing fees; authorizing the board to set certain fees; and establishing continuing education requirements. "