HB4144 HFAT 1-27
C. Roskovensky
Delegate Morgan moves to amend the title of the bill as follows:
H. B. 4144 -- "A BILL to repeal §30-10A-1, §30-10A-2, §30-10A- 3, §30-10A-4, §30-10A-5, §30-10A-6, §30-10A-7, §30-10A-8 and §30- 10A-9 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; to amend and reenact §30-10-1, §30-10-2, §30-10-3, §30-10-4, §30-10-5, §30-10-6, §30-10-7, §30-10-8, §30-10-9, §30-10-10, §30-10-11, §30-10-12, §30- 10-13, §30-10-14, §30-10-15, §30-10-16, §30-10-17, §30-10-18, §30- 10-19 and §30-10-20; and to amend said code by adding thereto three new sections, designated §30-10-21, §30-10-22 and §30-10-23, all relating to the practice of veterinary medicine; continuing the Board of Veterinary Medicine; prohibiting the practice of veterinary medicine without a license; prohibiting the practice of veterinary technology with a certificate; prohibiting the practice of animal euthanasia without a registration; providing other applicable sections; providing definitions; providing for board composition; setting forth the powers and duties of the board; clarifying rule-making authority; continuing a special revenue account; establishing license, certificate and registration requirements; creating a scope of practice; establishing requirements for an animal euthanasia training program; creating a temporary permit; establishing renewal requirements; providing for exemptions from licensure; providing requirements for the display of a license; setting forth grounds for disciplinary actions; allowing for specific disciplinary actions; providing procedures for investigation of complaints; providing for judicial review and appeals of decisions; setting forth hearing and notice requirements; providing for civil causes of action; providing criminal penalties; providing for privileged communication and providing that a single act is evidence of practice."