HB4292 Miley & Boggs HFA 2-24 #1

Delegate Miley & Boggs moves to amend the bill on page two, section four, line one, by striking subsection (a) in its entirety and inserting in lieu there of the following:
"(a) Each Effective January 1, 2014, a person is qualified to serve as a magistrate shall be if he or she:
(1) is at least twenty-one years of age;
(2) has at least an bachelor degree from an accredited college, or have at a minimum two years of experience as a magistrate, Provided, That those persons holding the office of magistrate on January 1, 2014,
shall have at least a high school education or its equivalent;
(3) shall has not have been convicted of any a felony, or any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude; and
(4) reside resides in the county of his or her election."