HB4666 HFA BLAIR 3-2 #1
Delegate Blair moves to amend the committee substitute on page two at line twenty six following the word "code" by inserting the following:
" Each West Virginia state personal income tax taxpayer may voluntarily contribute a portion of the taxpayer's state income tax refund, up to $6,000, for deposit into the fund through a check-off designation on the state personal income tax return form. If a husband and wife file a joint return, each spouse may designate up to $6,000 for deposit into the fund.  All amounts so designated shall be deducted from the taxpayers' income tax refund and credited to the fund. The State Tax Commissioner shall determine by July 1 of each year the total amount designated pursuant to this subsection and shall report that amount to the State Treasurer, who shall credit that amount to the fund. Any donation to this fund from this checkoff shall be used to fund development of the drug testing plan referenced in §16-43-4(c), and shall be clearly designated as such on the tax form. "


on page five following subsection (b) by inserting a new subsection (c), to read as follows:

"(c) The board shall develop a plan to
institute a random drug testing program for all applicants for temporary assistance for needy families cash benefits . The plan would require, at a minimum, that applicants chosen for drug testing be selected at random, and not by any other criteria, including, but not limited to, suspicion of drug use, previous drug use or criminal conviction for drug use or possession, and must further ensure the confidentiality of any and all drug test results administered as part of the program. Random drug test results should only be used for the purpose of denying, or determining eligibility for continued receipt of, federal-state or state assistance in the form of temporary assistance for needy families cash benefits. At no time shall the drug test results be released to any public or private person or entity. "