HB2958 H GO AM 2-23

C. Roskovensky 3338

    The Committee on Government Organization moves to amend the bill on page 1, line 20, by striking out everything after the enacting section and inserting in lieu thereof the following:


§19-23-14. Disposition of permit fees, registration fees and fines.

    (a) All permit, registration of colors or assumed names fees paid for the registration of colors or assumed names collected by the Racing Commission shall be deposited into a special revenue account called the “Fund 7305 General Administration Fund”. and

(b) fines Civil penalties imposed by the stewards, starters or other racing officials judges or the commission shall be paid into a relief fund and paid out on the order of the Racing commission for hospitalization, medical care and funeral expenses occasioned by injuries or death resulting from an accident sustained by any permit holder while in the discharge of his or her duties under the jurisdiction of the Racing Commission, Provided however, that: 

    (1) No A payment shall may not be made however, from the relief fund for any hospitalization, medical care or funeral expenses as to any of a permit holder who is covered under the by workers' compensation fund of this state or any an insurance policy providing payments for hospitalization, medical care or funeral expenses. 

    (2) Any balance in said relief fund at any time in excess of five thousand dollars, A balance in the relief fund in excess of $5,000, less any relief obligations then outstanding outstanding obligations, shall thereupon be transferred by the Racing Commission to the State Treasurer for deposit to the credit of the General Revenue Fund. of this state.