HB2663 HFAT Boggs 3-18 #1



Delegate Boggs moved to amend the bill by striking out the title and substituting therefor a new title, to read as follows:

    Enrolled Com. Sub. for House Bill No. 2663–“A Bill to amend and reenact §11-13-3f of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended be amended and reenacted; to amend and reenact §11-13F-1 of said code; to amend and reenact §11-24-11 of said code; to amend and reenact §24-1-3, §24-1-4 and §24-1-6 of said code; to amend and reenact §24-2A-2 of said code; to amend said code by adding thereto a new section, designated §24-2A-5; and to amend and reenact §24-3-2 of said code, all relating to the Public Service Commission; requiring at least one commissioner to be present at a hearing conducted for the sole purpose of receiving public comment or protest; requiring the commission establish a website for reception of public comments; allowing private water companies regulated by the Public Service Commission to offer discounted water services to qualified low-income customers; providing certain tax credits to private water companies extending such discounts to qualified low-income customers; adding cost of providing discounted water utility services by private water companies to qualified low-income residents to matters that the commission must certify; placing the burden of proving eligibility to receive special reduced rates on the customer requesting the reduced rates; providing for the establishment of rules and procedures by the Public Service Commission to implement a reduced rate program for private water utilities and their qualified low-income residential customers; requiring the Department of Health and Human Resources to establish rules and procedures related to the special reduced water rate program and verifying applicants’ eligibility to receive such discounts; providing for establishment of rules by the Tax Commissioner as necessary to implement said reduced rate program and its associated tax credits; and deleting obsolete language.”