HB2693 HFA BOGGS 3-12 #1                                    JHJDelegate Boggs moves to amend the amendment on page nine, section seven, following line nine, by inserting the following:

    “(b) The agency shall make available to each eligible employee, at full cost to the employee, the opportunity to purchase optional group life and accidental death insurance as established under the rules of the agency. In addition, each employee is entitled to have his or her spouse and dependents, as defined by the rules of the agency, included in the optional coverage, at full cost to the employee, for each eligible dependent; and with full authorization to the agency to make the optional coverage available and provide an opportunity of purchase to each employee.

    (c) The finance board may cause to be separately rated for claims experience purposes:

    (1) All employees of the State of West Virginia;

    (2) All teaching and professional employees of state public institutions of higher education and county boards of education;

    (3) All nonteaching employees of the Higher Education Policy Commission, West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education and county boards of education; or

    (4) Any other categorization which would ensure the stability of the overall program.

    (d) The agency shall maintain the medical and prescription drug coverage for Medicare-eligible retirees by providing coverage through one of the existing plans or by enrolling the Medicare-eligible retired employees into a Medicare-specific plan, including, but not limited to, the Medicare/Advantage Prescription Drug Plan. In the event that a Medicare-specific plan would no longer be available or advantageous for the agency and the retirees, the retirees shall remain eligible for coverage through the agency.”.