SB424 HFA Miley 3-12 #13

    Delegate Miley moves to amend the amendment on page bill on page 29, following line 2, by striking out all of section 7, and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

§22-6A-7. Hydraulic fracturing chemicals and surface impoundments.

    (a) Each well operator shall file a report with the department for each well that is drilled using the hydraulic fracturing process within 30 days of completion of such well. The report shall include, without limitation, the complete list of the chemicals and chemical compounds used in the fracturing fluid products as that information is provided on the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), specifying the chemical abstract services registry number for each constituent chemical as listed on the MSDS.

     (b) In case of a medical emergency, the operator shall arrange to provide a list of each constituent chemical to medical emergency personnel or local emergency personnel; such information shall be maintained as confidential and shall not be disclosed by such personnel.

    (c) The well operator shall keep a copy of the report at the well site during construction and produce it upon request by the department, local emergency personnel or surface landowners residing within 5,500 feet of the well.