SB424 HFA Miley #4


    Delegate Miley moves to amend the amendment on page 24, section 4, lines 21 through 26, and page 25 of said section, lines 1 through 9, by following the words “Workforce West Virginia” by striking out the remainder of subsection (a) and inserting in lieu thereof, the following:

    whether the applicant is in compliance with the provisions of section six-c, article two, chapter twenty-one-a of this code and regarding any required subscription to the Unemployment Compensation Fund and shall further ascertain from the Insurance Commissioner whether the applicant is in employer default regarding workerscompensation requirements as defined subsection e, section nineteen, article two-c, chapter twenty-three of this code. If the applicant is not in compliance or in employer default, the permit may not be issued until the applicant returns to compliance.”