SB570 HFA Miley 3-11 #1


    Chairman Miley moves to amend the committee amendment on page six, section four, line eight, after the word “Police” by inserting the words “pursuant to subsection (e), section twelve, article two, chapter fifteen of this code”;


    On page nine, section seven, by striking out section seven in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof, the following:

Ҥ29-29-7. Liability of permittees and the nonprofit volunteer organization for volunteer services.

    (a) Any claim arising out of the services provided by a permittee or the nonprofit volunteer organization pursuant to this article shall be determined in the same manner and by the same standards as if the permittee was authorized to practice in this state.

    (b) The nonprofit youth organization shall carry liability insurance in limits of no less than $1 million per person, and $3 million per occurrence and $50,000 for property damage and this insurance shall extend to the acts of any nonprofit volunteer permittees providing services under this article and shall be primary to any other available insurance.

    (c) The liability of nonprofit volunteer permittees shall be limited to the amount of liability insurance available to them under subsection (b) unless the act or omission giving rise to the permittee’s liability was the result of willful misconduct: Provided, That permittees deputized by the Superintendent of the West Virginia State Police pursuant to section four of this article and subsection (e), section twelve, article two, chapter fifteen of the code, shall not be considered an insured under the terms of the liability insurance policy provided West Virginia state agencies through the state board of risk and insurance management.”

    (d) The West Virginia appropriate licensing agency shall not be liable for any harm or claim arising solely out of the actions of any permittee exempt from obtaining authorization to practice in this state pursuant to this article.