HB4020 H ED AM 1-19 #1

    The Committee on Education moves to amend the bill on page one, following the enacting clause, by striking the remainder of the bill and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

“That the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, be amended by adding thereto a new section, designated §18-2E-8g, to read as follows:


§18-2E-8g. Recognition of outstanding students.

    The state board shall establish a program to recognize outstanding students whose scores are in the top ten of all students in the public schools of the state in each subject area tested under the statewide summative assessment known as the WESTEST2 or any successor tests, in each grade level tested. These students shall receive recognition as being “All State” students in their respective scholastic categories and grade levels. The recognition of students under this program shall be in addition to, but may be integrated with, any other state or county board program for recognizing the scholastic abilities of students. The state board shall promulgate a rule for implementation of this program during the 2012 - 2013 school year.